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Happy birthday, Emery Jade

Thursday, Dec 15

I can’t even make this stuff up. But you would not believe what we woke up to. So finally Rylan has ditched the roomie. No more awkward 3 am conversations. No more group effort BMs. No more infringement of personal space. We were sleeping, like good Christians do at 6:45 a.m. 

We hear singing.

Is it angels?

Rylan lifted his head and looked around. It sounded suspiciously like singing we had heard several days ago. In another building in another town. Rylan messaged Robert. 

Do you hear singing?        Yes, I hear singing.

Two brave men tiptoed out into the hall and went investigating. They lost the singing for a bit, but it got louder in the stairwell. They tracked it down. What do you know. The room directly beneath us is 521, which is also the number that Roomie told Rylan his entourage is staying in. And yes, from behind the door of 521 sailed a robust baritone. 

So no. It was not angels. 

Anyway, breakfast was great. Above and beyond what we had at Hotel Backenköhler. Hans came for massage and Marcel for PT. Roberts went off in the pursuit of happiness somewhere. Dalen and Rus came by around lunch and we headed out in their sharp little van. Parked close to the markets and walked a winding brick pathway past enticing shops. Stopped at a crepe cafe for some lunch. Salami, pepperoni, feta, and banana pepper crepe with garlic sauce for me. Rylan found a wooden walking stick at Hansa, a store with guns, knives, and all manner of weaponry. Also hunting supplies. Walked past Lush, Sportschek, Salamander, Jack& Jones. Past Hirt mit Schweinen, through the market, and into St. Peter’s cathedral to warm up and take a rest in the pews. We were exploring in the basement when we heard the organ start to play. We scrambled -insofar as someone dependent on a walking stick with shaky balance can scramble- up to the main part of the cathedral. Music soared, swelled and enveloped us. Reverberating off stone pillars, resonating off the domed ceiling above us, beautiful and reverent. I felt the sound on the top of my head, on the bottoms of my feet. We stood in silent awe. God is here. 

Later, we braved the cold once again. -8 Celsius with 88% humidity really gets to a person after a while. Walk a bit. Find a coffee shop to warm up and sit a bit. Walk some more. This is the therapy the Dr’s prescribed for Rylan, as much as he felt up to. We wandered back to the parking garage and the guys took us on a tour over to their airbnb before dropping us off at Park Hotel. Something about 3 big American guys plus me in a VW Touran with no tint must look cute. Several times we watched someone look, smile, nudge their companions, and all look again with big smiles. Making people happy since 2022. Rustyn and Dalen brought döners and baklava to our room for supper. Roberts returned from Denmark and the coffee perk jolted to life. Rylan was feeling withdrawal pains from Roomie so at 9:30 he called down to room 521 to check up and see if he was feeling any better. Rylan woke them from a deep sleep. Ahh. Sweet revenge. 

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