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Kaffee hag. No flying.

Wednesday, Dec 7

Rye toast with caprese toppings, watermelon, pineapple, grapes, and a pitcher of coffee. And 8 bites of eggs. Woe to the person who doesn’t like to read about food. Travelling is all about the food. I asked a server at the restaurant if they had coffee cups to go. Nein. I asked if I could bring my travel mug the next morning and fill it. She beamed and nodded. “You bring it I fill it right full.”

We went on a short walk past the dairy farm beside the hospital. It has a sign by the driveway that says Jan Himmelskamp. The house is of brick, as are the barns. Back to the hotel and we camped out there. Rylan logged in to the server to do some work back home. I read and did some other book work. The sun came out for the first time since we got off the plane, but only for ten minutes. We chain drank hot tea till it was time to go meet the surgeon at 1 pm. Waited around awhile as he was still in surgery. Dr Ritter-Lang was pleasant and professional. We weren’t with him long, at this point most questions are arbitrary. Whether Rylan gains a centimeter or an inch in height, how long does he need to exercise caution when lifting.. none of that makes a huge difference today. Rylan asked if they would video his surgery so he could see it later. The Dr said if Rylan has his phone unlocked and in his backpack they will use it to take pictures.

It was after 3 when we got out of the hospital. We were going to walk down to the station and take a train into Delmenhurst to grab an early supper but the sky took a break from raining and started to sleet. Bleh. Changed our internal agenda and rather waited around to eat at the hotel restaurant. Rylan ordered roasted duck and spaetzle, I had redfish filet with fried zucchini and sweet potato purée. We were going to share a pitcher of coffee. Our (favourite) server looked horrified. “Kaffee? At this hour? Nein Nein Nein. You be flying!” I felt so smitten I asked for decaf.

“Kaf?" she asked, bewildered. She waved a hand and fled out the room, returning immediately with a younger server. This server could interpret my request.

“Ooooooooh, kaffee hag! No flying,” and our server flapped her hands like wings and chuckled all the way back to the kitchen.

Rylan is the second patient on the docket tomorrow. The first one will be at 8:15 am. His surgery is at 10:30. We need to be at the hospital at 7. Dr. Ritter-Lang has allocated 3 hours for his surgery. Thanks to covid, I can’t go up to the ICU after surgery so I will not see him until Friday morning.

Goodnight. 🙏🏼

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das Heim


Hi Grace.....have you been able to see your hubby already...????..oh probably not cause you are suppose to be in Dreamland!!!but maybe sleep is not coming so well!!

Soooo glad Roberts are there forboth of you!!!....I lost a few tears when I read u were picking them from airport.....

The Lord will go before you!!.....but only one day at a time ....sorry.... sometimes we feel we need Him three days from now too!!!...

Sorry your girls are sick fun being so far away!!.....



Prayers for Rylan, and for you too Grace. We think of you, going through surgery is never a party


Praying!! Love to you both! Russ n Paula


Stephanie Thiessen
Stephanie Thiessen
Dec 07, 2022

Hey I'll be praying over here. Both my brothers have weathered the surgery, although not as extensive as Rylan's. You've got this, friend.

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