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Missing: sunshine

Sunday, Dec 11

Robert knocked on my door with coffee in hand this morning. Is this what it feels like to be retired? I’m all for it. 

Rylan took a few long strolls today, over 150 feet each. He did so well that the nurse gave him a creaky old walker for his own, as it takes more muscle control to sit down / stand up, navigate turns, etc. than the smooth, newer walker. What a reward for doing great. His pain is at a more manageable level by now. I have to say I never thought I’d have a husband on a steady dose of carfentanil but here we are. 

Otherwise it was truly a day of rest. I curled up in the pink vinyl reclining chair beside Rylan. We read, dozed, and listened to Emery’s SS class say verses, and dreamed of the wild activities we will do with our girls next spring. 

Donairs for supper, brought by R&J. We drank coffee and played Cover Your Assets. Rylan won, and I don’t want to be suspicious but it may have been the fentanyl? 

Robert and I are threatening to go on a hunt for relatives, as there used to be some in Wernigerode. Granny Betty Langeman and her family spent a summer there with uncles, on their journey to America. 

I don’t want to say too much but in case anyone has ever dreamed of defecting to the colony if you know what I mean, it’s the Holdeman life for me. If you want details just ask Rylan. 

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