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Waschsalons, apothekes, and geldautomats

Monday, Dec 12

The Dr. and PT had come and gone by the time I got to the hospital this morning on my way to breakfast. PT is super proud of Rylan’s progress and how he’s pushing himself even when it’s painful. Rylan also went for x-rays. The patients that had surgery on Dec 1 were back at the hospital for their final x-rays and checkups before flying home tomorrow. Encouraging to see their progress. 

After breaky Jan and I tootled off to Edeka Boekhoff (grocery store) in Schierbrok 5 min away. We followed a winding brick street past immaculate gated homes. These homes had brick walls really meant to keep out adults. The street itself had little patio areas along it, as well as being lined with pockets of landscaping. I’m sure if we came back in summer we would find bistro tables and potted ferns welcoming us to sit down for a spell. Maybe even a sign that said Moin. 


The coffee shop in Edeka Boekhoff had mohnschnecken, a poppy seed roll that we are getting addicted to. That and a pomegranate green tea, schmiek schien. Really taking liberty there as I have no idea how to spell that and google isn’t being super helpful.

We hunted diligently for the laundromat. I asked at the Apotheke where it was, and they said there wasn’t one in this town. The roomie and his entourage had said there was one between the Apotheke and the train station. The closest thing we could find was a sign that said Geldautomat (ATM). What was the entourage doing? Sticking their long Johns in the debit card slot and hoping they came out clean? 

When Jan and I came rocketing on to the hospital yard in the Golf, Rylan and Robert were walking around outside. Wow! He walked a flight of steps this morning, too. That’s no small thing, and the leg muscles really take a beating as they compensate for the lack of stability in his core muscles at this point. 

Also worthy of mention is the fact that the sun shone ALL DAY. I’m so impressed. Wow, Germany. 

PT told Rylan he wasn’t getting lunch in his room; he had to walk down the hall to the cafeteria and eat there. Getting in and out of a chair is enough to earn a hot meal. The afternoon was typical hospital life: walk, rest, nurse takes vitals, walk a bit, snack, practice sitting, stand up, rest, walk again and poke head in the other surgery survivor’s rooms.. and more of the same. It’s exhausting at 4 days post-op, and that’s no joke. The Dr. told Roomie that Rylan would likely leave the hospital on Wednesday, and at the rate he -roomie- was going he would leave the hospital in, say, about 3 years. I could be nice and say Rylan has age on his side so that makes it easier for him, but the fact is that it takes a lot of stamina and guts to force yourself up and out of bed without using your ab muscles, and concentrate on using your leg muscles to stand to your feet without straining, and practice walking even though it means leg muscles will spasm for the next hour, and nerve pain will shoot down your legs, and on and on. There is nothing easy about it. Nothing. But it’s the only way out. 

R&J brought crepes for a pre-supper snack. Robert and I were still hungry so we went and got supper at the hotel restaurant. I had Stenum wedding soup. Jan wasn’t hungry so she stayed with Rylan and they told each other jokes and stuff. 

I was coming into the hotel after sup when someone came out and -wait for it-





For someone who constantly has their phone in hand open to google I must have looked really confident coming up those steps. 

Who knows. Maybe tomorrow I can point someone in the direction of the laundromat. 

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